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Basic Wash

For your basic needs and simple cleaning, we have the Basic car wash plan. This includes the cleaning of the elementary parts like the seats, console and the body, leaving behind a pretty looking ride for you.

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Car Wax

The car's exterior has to undergo the torture of the climate and external agents. Providing a protective layer of wax would save it from this harshness and give your exteriors a rich look.

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Exterior Detail

With our Exterior detail car service, you get to restore this beauty. We would take care of all the scratches and bruises on the surface and make it look the best, AGAIN.

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Interior Detail

Interior cleaning not only protects your car but also make your journey easy and hygienic. We take care of every aspect of the interior of your car from leather seat to dashboard, interior plastic to the footrest.

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Casino Hand Car Wash is an automobile cleaning company which lands the car wash market with the motive of defining the service in completely new and luxurious way. We offer special hand car washing services with the help of our trained staff to make the cleaning process more effective without damaging the appearance of your car.

UNLIMITED Car Wash Packages Available. Choose the package which is the best for your Car.

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