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Give your cars a new life with the Casino Hand Car Wash. Our services would not only please you but your car as well. With over 10 years of experience and professional crew, our services are aimed at providing you with the best car cleaning services. At Casino Hand Car wash, you get top notch cleaning solutions from 'Basic car wash' to 'spray on wax' service packages. Our premium washing products would provide an amazing washing experience for your dear vehicle. Get the best, with the best.

Basic Wash

automobile cleaning company in Franklin Park, NJ

For your basic needs and simple cleaning, we have the Basic car wash plan. This includes the cleaning of parts like the seats, console and the body, leaving behind a pretty looking ride for you. We will hose off all the dirt, brush up the windows and give your car a decent look.

Car Wax

Car Wax Services in Franklin Park, NJ

The exterior of the car has to undergo the torture of the climate and external agents. Providing it with a protective layer of wax would save it from this abuse and also give you're the exteriors a rich look. In case, the body has suffered any scratches or blemishes, the wax covers them all.

Exterior Details

Spray on Wax Services in Franklin Park, NJ

Over a period of time, the exteriors of the vehicle undergo a lot of strain and this hampers the beauty of the vehicle. With our Exterior detail car service, you get to restore this beauty. We would take care of all the scratches and bruises on the surface and make it look the best, AGAIN.

Interior Details

Interior Detailing Services in Franklin Park,NJ

The interiors of the car are a major element that you must look out for. A car's interior is all that matters in the end. From your seats to your console and other components; everything is valuable. With our services, you get the best in class care and restoration for the interiors of your vehicle.


Rain-X Services in NJ

For our customers looking for something premium and high-quality washing products; we have the special Rain-X package for them. You get the best washing results and a marvellous finish. The special formula cuts through the toughest dirt and provides your car with a special protection from water.

Spray on Wax

Spray on Wax Services in Franklin Park, NJ

Forget the regular waxing, with our spray on wax technique. With each regular wax, the paint gets oxidized, leading it to lose its finish. With our Spray on Wax service, protect the paint from environment attacks and maintain a long lasting finish, and make the car look like new for long.

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